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Infinity Hot Tub

People Dimension Jets
6 83 × 83 × 37 in 91
Pumps Dry / Wet (lbs) Power
2 823 lbs 50A / 220VAC
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The Infinity Hot Tub spa is spacious, powerful, and great for family fun. It includes 91 jets, water features and LED lights. Using 2 x 6BHP pumps, the jet pressure is extremely powerful, meaning it provides an exceptional hydrotherapy experience.

Built with Aristech Acrylic, a world-leading supplier, our product is designed for long-lasting relaxation, Infinity Hot Tub.

Jet formation

  • 91 jets in total
  • 2 x 5-inch jets
  • 14 x 3.5-inch jets
  • 2 x 2.5-inch jets
  • 73 x 1-inch jets

Rotating jets
The rotating jet provides an intense pressure point massage. These are particularly effective at relieving tension in the back.

Directional jets
This style of directional jet provides a less intense pressure point massage. This is more effective at soothing aching muscles.

Cabinet Color


Shell Color

Midnight Canyon, Odessey, Sterling Silver