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10 Ways to Reduce Hot Tub Running Costs

10 Ways to Reduce Hot Tub Running Costs

Here are 10 Ways to Reduce Hot Tub Running Costs

Discover efficient strategies with our guide on ” 10 Ways to Reduce Hot Tub Running Costs.” Explore cost-effective methods to decrease hot tub energy consumption and save money. Learn about tactics such as optimizing insulation, adjusting thermostat settings, and implementing energy-efficient equipment.

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1. Make Sure Your Cover Is in Good Condition and Fits Well

The hot tub cover plays a vital role in heat retention. It prevents or reduces the heat loss through the area where heat is most likely to escape. A quality hot tub lid should not be excessively heavy (waterlogged); it should have a heat-lock hinge at the fold and fit properly to establish a seal.

Replace your cover if it shows signs of being cracked, heavy, or worn. Browse our stock hot tub covers. If you can’t find the size that suits your hot tub, please see our customized hot tub covers.

2. Reduce the Temperature

While we do not recommend lowering the temperature of your hot tub between uses, it will help you save energy. Try 38 degrees if your hot tub is usually set at 39 degrees celsius. The heater will run less, and your electric bill will be lower!

3. Turn off Air Controllers

A small lever is located on the bar of your hot-tub. It allows air to enter the jet stream, which increases power. The air is cooler than the water, so it has a cooling effect. We recommend turning off the air controls when your hot tub isn’t in use if it circulates using the large jet pumps. This will prevent the water from cooling down unnecessarily.

4. Use a Floating Thermal Blanket

Thermal Blanket can be used to add an additional layer of insulation above your thermal hot-tub cover. This thin bubble cover is great for preventing heat loss from evaporation. It also protects the hot tub cover against chemical damage.

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5. Keep Filters Clean

The benefits of a clean filter are often overlooked. It is important to maintain clean, safe water in your hot tub. Filters that are dirty can cause your hot tub to flow less, which not only puts strain on the pump but also reduces the effectiveness of heating. Water enters the hot tub through filters, passes through the heater, and returns through the jets to heat the tub. If a dirty filter slows down this process, the heater must work harder to maintain the temperature. You can find our filter cleaning guide here.

6. Consider a Location That Is Less Exposed

We believe that situating a hot tub near your home is optimal because it enhances overall usage and improves the experience. The area is also more protected from the wind and weather. The higher the cost of running a hot-tub, the more exposed it is to the weather. It is because a shelter or windbreak will reduce the heat loss through the sides and top of the hot spa. Hot tubs that are placed in an enclosed shelter can be more efficient.

7. Use Matting as a Base

Most hot tubs are placed on slabbed, decked or concrete bases. Stone surfaces are cold and do not retain heat well. We recommend placing your hot tub on our Floor Mats to reduce heat loss to the floor. Heat loss to the base of rigid hot tubs is smaller than that of inflatable hot tubs, but matting is more efficient for both types.

8. Make sure Chemicals are Balanced

A balanced sanitiser level and PH ensures that your components will not corrode. It also ensures the water stays in your hot tub as long as you can without draining it and helps keep your filters clean for longer. These factors will help you reduce your hot tub’s running costs, as they reduce water consumption and keep the water flow at a high level (which makes heating more efficient). They also protect hot tub components against corrosion. See our guide to hot tub maintenance for more information on water balance.

9. Use a Cover Bag or Cap

Hot tub Cover Protection Cap acts as a protective outer cap for your hot tub. Designed to shield the hot tub cover from debris, it also functions as a wind cheater. The hot tube cover bag is a complete hot tub that offers all the benefits of a cap, but also has insulating properties for the sides and top.

10. Trade-in Your Old Hot Tub

You love using your inflatable hot tub, but you don’t enjoy the high electricity bill. Want to reduce the cost of running a hot-tub that is poorly insulated? Are you looking for a hot tub that’s more energy efficient? All of these reasons could be valid to consider a trade in. You will not only get a fair price for your hot tub, but also save on energy.

Mastering the art of cost-efficient hot tub ownership not only ensures a soothing and relaxing experience but also puts extra savings back in your pocket. With our guide on “10 Ways to Reduce Hot Tub Running Costs,” you’ve gained valuable insights into practical strategies that can make a significant impact on your expenses.

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