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Cold Plunge

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  • Chill Tub Pro
    Cold Plunge

    Chill Tub Pro

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    This high-performance cold plunge tub caters to athletes, pros, and recovery seekers.


    • Built for pros: Durable and sleek, ideal for gyms or home use.
    • Ultimate recovery: Chromotherapy, water jets, and freezing temps (down to 3°C!) for peak muscle relief.
    • No ice needed: Built-in chiller chills faster and cleaner.
    • Spacious and stylish: Designed for comfort and relaxation.

    Ready to take your recovery to the next level?

  • Chill Tub Lite
    Cold Plunge

    Chill Tub Lite

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    Go Lite, Recover Right: Introducing the Chill Tubs Lite

    New, lighter, eco-friendly: Experience the Chill Tubs Lite, designed for comfort and recovery both indoors and outdoors.

    Start your cold plunge journey: Dip into temperatures as low as 3°C, no ice needed! Plus, get a free insulated cover to keep the chill going.

    Perfect for beginners: The Chill Tubs Lite is your gateway to the benefits of cold water therapy, helping you feel your best

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