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Jacuzzi® ClearRay UV Water Purification!

The Jacuzzi® Hot Tub line features the ClearRay® UV Water Purification technology. ClearRay® ensures that your hot tub remains clean and is part of what makes a Jacuzzi® the best spa on the market. It’s the easiest, most effective hot tub care compared to alternative hot tub water sanitation systems such as Ozone purification or salt generators. The ClearRay® Water Purification System uses UV-C technology to neutralize waterborne pathogens, rendering them useless. ClearRay® will also reduce the amount of sanitizer you use in your hot tub, providing you with clean, fresh clear water.

  • No setup needed
  • More effective disinfectant
  • Less chemical consumption
    Least amount of Chlorine
  • Less maintenance to system
  • No harm to the spa, the user or to the environment

Key Benefits

  • Standard on all Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs; all collections
  • Significantly less cost compared to salt water (chlorine) generators
  • Less harmful to tub components than Ozone Generators

Read the ClearRay®  UV FAQ’s to learn more about its critical role in maintaining a clean hot tub

Significant reduction in chemical usage

What is UV-C?

  • A natural part of the spectrum of electromagnetic energy generated b the sun
  • Effectively interacts with the DNA of bacteria and viruses; destroying their ability to reproduce
  • Is a natural process that ads no by-product to your water and requires no chemicals
  • Is not generating ozone

Who is using UV-C Technology?

UV-C light has been used for years as a reliable water disinfectant. It is used in the following industries:

  • Bottling & Beverages
  • Food
  • Industrial & Municipal Water Plants
  • Medical Hospitals & Pharmaceuticals
  • Aquariums, Aquaculture & Fish Farms

How Clearray Compares…

Ozone System
Salt System
Ultraviolet Germicidal Disinfection
Corona Discharge Ozone Generator
Salt Chlorine Generator
Disinfects water instantly when exposed to UV bulb
Works by creating and injecting ozone gas into water and disinfects over time
Disinfects by continually changing salt into hypochlorous acid
Factory Installed
Does Not Create Chemical or By-products
Does Not Cause Damage to Equipment
pH Balancing Required
Shock Treatment Required

Clearly, it’s the BEST Way to Treat Your Hot Tub!

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