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Covana Legend

Achieve new heights with the Covana Legend, the automated cover designed to maximize your workout experience. The Legend offers effortless access to your swim spa while providing continuous protection from the elements, allowing you to stay focused on reaching your full potential.

This innovative cover creates an environment free from distractions, so you can concentrate on boosting both body and mind. Designed to remove any barriers to your success, the Covana Legend is the ultimate tool for your fitness journey.

Compatible with most swim spas, the Covana Legend is your key to enhanced performance and achievement.

Covana Legend

Technical Specification

Elevation Plan

Covana covers are designed to fit most spas without protruding headrests.

Spa height must comply with the following dimensions:
Minimum height: 46 in (118 cm)
Maximum height: 62 in (158 cm)

Power Supply

North America
AC powered system compatible with:
115 V, 60 Hz, 6 A
As an option, replace the standard AC powered
system with the battery-powered version. You will get
a set of two batteries.

EU – UK – Oceania
24 V battery pack and charger compatible with:
230V, 50 Hz, 10 A

Dimension and Surface Area

See attached documentation here>>

Compatible Swim Spas

Most swim spas with flat surfaces, 90 to 93 in (229 to 236 cm) wide and 242 in (614 cm) maximum length.

Owners Manual

See attached documentation here>>


See attached documentation here>>

Covana Legend

Unlock Your Potential with the Covana Legend!

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