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Discover Jacuzzi®’s Revolutionary True™ Water Purification System

Water Purification System

Jacuzzi has always been at the forefront of spa innovation, and their latest advancement, the Jacuzzi True Water Care System with Nano Bubble Technology, is no exception. This new system is designed to ensure your spa water is consistently clean and clear with minimal maintenance. Let’s dive into what makes the Jacuzzi True Water Purification System a game-changer for spa enthusiasts.

A New Era of Water Care: Nano Bubble Technology

The True Water Purification System Care replaces the ClearRay system with cutting-edge nano bubble technology. This technology generates bubbles 2,500 times smaller than a grain of salt, allowing them to penetrate and destroy bacteria through oxidation. The result is water that is pure and free of the chlorine smell or feel.

Jacuzzi True Water - Nano Bubbles
Jacuzzi True Water - Nano Bubbles Science

Superior Cleaning and Maintenance

The True Water Care System continuously cleans your spa water without the need for a constant circulation pump. The encapsulated ozone in the nano bubbles bursts and destroys bacteria, ensuring your spa stays clean for days or even weeks. This system also integrates with the SmartTub Monitoring System, providing real-time updates and alerts for optimal performance.

Jacuzzi Smart Tub Interface

Proven Performance

Jacuzzi’s True Water Care System underwent rigorous testing by an independent third party, including EPA-certified lab tests. The results were outstanding, showing that the nano bubble technology achieved a 99.9999% chlorine-free water rating. This makes the True Water Care System one of the most effective water purification systems available today.

Easy Maintenance and Replacement

The True Water Care System is designed to be user-friendly with minimal maintenance. Key components such as the air filter and sanitizer are easy to replace, and the system is built to prevent biofilm build-up without continuous water circulation.

Jacuzzi True Water Diagram w/ Text


Jacuzzi’s True Water Care System is a revolutionary step forward in spa water care. With its nano bubble technology, integration with SmartTub, and proven performance, it provides an unparalleled spa experience. Enjoy consistently clean, clear water with minimal maintenance, and experience the luxury and innovation that Jacuzzi is known for.

For more information or to inquire about installing the True Water Care System in your Jacuzzi spa, contact us at and download the detailed PDF guide.

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