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Shelti Eye 2 Electronic Darts

A Revolution in Dart Technology!
Shelti RD Darts featuring the Radikal System
Electronic Darts & Dart Boards, Shelti RD

The Shelti RD Communicating Dart Game is by far the most intelligent and feature-packed game ever produced. This revolution in game design is guaranteed to exceed every player’s expectations. Shelti RD is equipped with a software system called Radikal Darts. Developed by Gaelco Darts, located in Barcelona, Spain, this system is the result of years of research and continuous i mprovement, all geared toward having the most advanced dart machine on the planet.

The Shelti RD allows you to play live with other players world wide. Web cameras, a laser throw line, sensors, and competition software means you can play online in real time with your opponent, as well as view a record of throws and results. Below are just a few of the many features.

  • The product of years of research and development.
  • 4000+ online players and growing!
  • Need an opponent? There are players waiting now!
  • Online tournaments and virtual leagues!
  • Internet connection with multiple web cameras
  • laser throw line
  • Remote referee technology
  • Player card reader
  • Open competitions & current contests
Electronic Darts & Dart Boards, Shelti RD


CamerasThe new Shelti RD and Radikal Dart machines are equipped with multiple strategically placed cameras. These cameras record the player(s) throwing distance and location, the target face, and each thrown dart. The camera system allows players to compete live in real time in casual games, leagues, and tournaments without having to be in the same location. The shot above depicts a live video feed of the current player, along with his picture ID. The video feed, along with the player’s picture ID, insures that your opponent is who he claims to be. This handy feature alone goes a long way in preventing any type of player fraud.

19″ TFT Monitor

The Shelti RD and Radikal Dart Machines feature a 19” TFT monitor system.  This monitor system will displays screen shots in several ways to include game scores, up to the minute standings, and live video feeds from the camera system.  Proprietors can take advantage of the monitors advertisement capabilities as well. Advertise coming events, drink specials, current dart news, and more. The possibilities are limitless. This game is by far the most intelligent and feature packed game ever produced!

Electronic Darts & Dart Boards, Shelti RD

Laser Thrown Line

The Shelti RD, along with the Radikal Dart machine are the only dart machines on the market that emit their own laser throw line. No need to place sticky, unattractive throw lines on your location’s floors. The throw line also has the ability to detect foot faults. If a player steps over the line, the system will disallow the throw, resulting in a “fault”. The machine reacts by dimming the lights, and of course, not register that dart.

ATM Style Keypad
Player Change Button
VF Display

The Shelti RD and Radikal Dart machines boast a heavy duty easy to use keypad. This devise is virtually indestructible. Shelti has also re-introduced a physical player change button. This fail-safe button ensures accurate changes. A heavy duty vacuum florescent display replicates the main 19″ TFT monitor.

Shelti Remote Referee

As part of the advanced software structure the Shelti RD and Radikal Dart machines include a patented Remote Refereeing System©. These are the only machines in the world where games can be played anytime, anywhere with the ability to referee the game after it has been played.

Video is recorded during game play by the cameras and sent to the servers and the event administrator where the Remote Referee System© allows him/her to view important matches and validate or invalidate the games. This system allows players the flexibility to play in certain types of competitions when it is convenient for them. 

It also assures the players that all matches played without an opponent present are real and fair. Players can also see in real time the results of the administrator’s actions of the validation process. Their position on the scoreboard is color coded and instantly lets players know if games are valid, invalid or pending. 

Dart Boards by Winmau

Electronic Darts & Dart Boards, Shelti RD

The Diamond Plus is another first from the World’s leading dartboard manufacturer. This stunning new dartboard offers a wiring system that is leaner, more refined and geared to modern darts performance at the advanced level. With dramatically improved playability and durability, the Diamond Plus features a completely new high tensile Dynamic Sector Wiring system for reduced bounceouts. The Diamond Plus is a tournament specification dartboard with a CNC precision-manufactured staple-free bullseye and consistent construction high visibility super dense sisal base designed for maximum play. The Diamond Plus is exclusively endorsed by the British Darts Organisation and complies to World Darts Federation specifications. Other unique features include an anti-glare number ring, game of darts booklet and checkout table.

Electronic Darts & Dart Boards, Shelti RD

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