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Hot Tub Buying Guide

What do I need to consider before purchasing a hot tub?

We recommend “wet testing” a hot tub before you buy one – in other words, immerse yourself in a working demonstration model! Premium Spas and Billiards has working tubs at each of their three store locations specifically for this purpose. Check that the seats provide lumbar support, so you can recline comfortably. When sitting, the water should reach at least shoulder level; if it’s too low, you won’t get fully hydrotherapy. Lean back against the pillows. Does your neck hyperextend to reach them, or does it rest perfectly? If the hot tub has a lounge seat, make sure it is deep enough. Next examine the jets. Are the jets giving you the massage you seek? If you want particular muscles massaged, check that the jets line up with them. Stay in the hot tub with the jets on for at least 15 minutes, trying different seats. Only then will you know whether the seating and jet arrangement is right for you.

Will I need to install plumbing and electrical for my hot tub?

No special plumbing is required! Hot tubs are portable and above-ground. Simply fill up the hot tub with your garden hose.
A hard wired electrical connection is required to power your hot tub. For aesthetic reasons, many homeowners choose to have these lines buried underground. Give Premium Spas and Billiards a call to discuss your specific requirements!

What is better, a synthetic or wood cabinet?

In the past, all cabinets were made of wood. Today technologically-superior synthetic materials have replaced wood in cabinets built by the spa manufacturers. These high-quality materials do not rot or degrade like wood, extending the “new look” of a hot tub’s surround and eliminating maintenance. Synthetic cabinets are durable and EV-resistant, giving your hot tub extraordinary beauty for years to come.

How do I keep the water clean?

Submerging in crystal clear water is exactly what you want. Some chemicals will be necessary to achieve clean water. But you can significantly reduce the use of chemicals in several ways. Premium Spas and Billiards will most often recommend choosing a hot tub with an advanced filtration system; recommend you purchase an optional Ozone purifier with your hot tub, and recommend using mineral purifiers in conjunction with chemical-based sanitizers. Maintenance is simple, and you can get instructions and start-up information from Premium Spas and Billiards. Manufacturers often recommend draining and cleaning your hot tub three or four times per year, depending on how frequently you use it and how well you maintain your water.

What do I need to know about the hot tub’s filter?

Filtration is a step-by-step process. The more steps you have in place, the more pure your water will be. First, consider the size and number of filters the hot tub uses. Having two filters, one that works with the 24-hour circulation pump, and one that works while you’re using the hot tub, provides fantastic filtration. You will need to use some chemicals, such as chlorine, to eliminate bacteria. Ozone technology, optional on top-quality hot tubs, is superb for destroying microorganisms, and minimizes the need for chemicals. Finally, mineral purifiers are very effective, further reducing the need for chemicals – and the associated odors, red eyes and bleached clothes or hair.

PictureHow is the water temperature controlled?

Most quality hot tubs have sophisticated digital thermostatic-controlled electronic systems: in other words, high tech systems that keep the water within one de3gree of the temperature you select. Of course, this control system is important for your comfort. It’s even more crucial for safety – particularly if you have children who will be using the hot tub. Better systems have safety locks and digital readouts. A good way to discover the control system’s quality is to read and compare manufacturers’ warranties.

What do I need to know about horsepower?

Efficient plumbing, better jets and flow control are much more important than horsepower. A lower horsepower pump in an efficient hot tub will produce just as much jet power as a higher horsepower pump in an inefficient hot tub. Some manufacturers use oversized, high horsepower pumps that increase the cost of ownership over the long term. Top manufacturers have design engineered incredibly cost-effective systems which provides you with lower overall operating costs. The best hot tub producers have mastered the science of hydraulics, which is far more important than horsepower.

What features are important in a control panel?

Be sure to test the control panel before you make your hot tub purchase. Does it give you precise control over individual features? Is it easy to use? Does it have a lock out option if you have small children? Can you set custom filter cycles? Can you flip up the display and make adjustments from inside the hot tub? Some companies cut corners by eliminating features and options that are necessary to fully enjoy your hot tub experience.

How many of the hot tub’s jets are adjustable?

When you submerge in a hot tub, you need the jets to soothe the right muscles, the right way. Being able to adjust jets accordingly is crucial for optimum hydrotherapy. This is the standard by which physical therapy and athletic hydrotherapy systems are judged. Some manufacturers load up a hot tub with lots of inexpensive, non-adjustable, stationary jets. So even through the hot tub may have many jets, quantity does not always equal quality. If a hot tub’s jets are badly placed and not properly plumbed, it won’t matter how many there are – you will not get the rejuvenation that superior, well-placed jets deliver.Picture

What is the relationship between cost and value?

Hot tub prices vary for many reasons. Like all engineered products, they correspond to features, materials used and overall craftsmanship. This guide will help you choose the best hot tub for your needs, based on performance and value. Remember, it’s about getting the finest, most enjoyable product relative to your investment.

How expensive is it to operate a hot tub?

Heating the water is the primary cost of operating a hot tub. The price is usually less than a dollar a day – even in cold climates.

PictureCan a hot tub be installed indoors or outdoors?

Although a hot tub can be installed indoors or outdoors, over 90% are installed outdoors. The two main considerations for installing a hot tub indoors are: is the structural strength of the flooring adequate, and will it fit through the door. Most importantly, an indoor hot tub must have adequate ventilation. A typical 3-person hot tub weights approximately 2,500 pounds when filled. As a general rules, you should consider one of two foundations: a concrete pad of 4” or thicker; or, wood decking with a concrete foundation.

I need to order a new cover. What measurements do I need to take?

Please download our Spa Cover Order Form and fax back to one of our showroom locations. This form contains all the information we need to order the correct cover for your spa. Our fax numbers are on the order form.

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