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Hot Tub Expo / Spa Blowout

Hot Tub Expo / Spa Blowout Warning:

Why You Should be Aware & Buy Local

Quick Summary:

  1. They do not have a physical business location on their website, Google, or anywhere! This is a huge red flag for any business.
  2. When these shows leaves town so do they, which leaves you with poor (if any) service and maintenance support. Buy local for quality brands and service!
  3. They claim “multiple brands” but the truth is much different than their hype. 

Hot tub expos, hot tub super sales, and hot tub shows are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people are interested in owning a hot tub. These events offer the opportunity to try out different models, speak with experts, and potentially snag a great deal. However, as with any large purchase, buyers should approach these events with caution and do their research to avoid potential scams and pitfalls.

One of the biggest risks associated with hot tub expos and sales is the potential for scams. Some sellers may use these events as an opportunity to sell low-quality or defective hot tubs, or to inflate prices beyond what is reasonable. In addition, some may use high-pressure sales tactics to convince buyers to make a purchase on the spot, without giving them the time to research the product or compare prices.

Another risk is the quality of the hot tubs themselves. Some of the hot tubs sold at these events may be older models or factory seconds, which may not be up to the same standard as newer models. In addition, hot tubs that have been transported and set up repeatedly may suffer from wear and tear, which could compromise their performance and longevity.

There is also the risk of poor customer service after the sale. Some sellers at hot tub expos and sales may not have a brick-and-mortar store or a dedicated customer service department, which could make it difficult for buyers to get help with issues that arise after the sale. Additionally, some may not honor warranties or offer return policies, leaving buyers with little recourse if they are dissatisfied with their purchase.

To avoid potential scams and pitfalls, it is important for buyers to do their research and ask questions. Before attending a hot tub expo or sale, check online reviews and ratings for the seller and the hot tub models they are offering. Research the manufacturer of the hot tub to ensure they are reputable and produce quality products. When at the event, take the time to try out the hot tub and ask for a demonstration of its features. Don’t be rushed into making a purchase, and take the time to compare prices and models across different sellers.

In conclusion, hot tub expos, hot tub super sales, and hot tub shows can offer great deals and the chance to speak with experts, but buyers should approach these events with caution. By doing their research, asking questions, and taking their time, buyers can make informed decisions and avoid being taken advantage of.

A closer look:

  1. MAJOR BRANDS? There won’t be any “major brands” at the Hot Tub Expo. There is a reason why they don’t mention any brand names on their web site: you have probably never heard of them. In fact, the tubs you will find there were all made by the same company. You will only find major brands like Jacuzzi® at a reputable dealer like Premium Spas & Billiards.
  2. HIGH PRESSURE SALES! The Hot Tub Expo employs high pressure sales tactics and you can only get their “deals” if you buy on the spot. Without the time to research your purchase, you won’t have the ability to make a good decision. Their prices are inflated so they can offer you “big discounts” but what are you getting?. We think you should have time to compare features, wet test a tub and make a decision about which hot tub or swim spa is right for you and your family.
  3. NO LOCAL DEALER. There is no local dealer for the Hot Tub Expo tubs! When you have a problem, who is going to be there for you? We have 4 locations in northern Virginia and support our manufacturers warranties.
  4. NO WET TEST. All of the tubs are empty so there is no way to wet test them and see how the jets work and whether they are well placed. We will schedule a wet test for you in one of our showrooms so you can be sure the tub you buy is right for you.

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Jacuzzi® Hot Tub, jacuzzi, Hot Tub