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Making Sure You and Your Hot Tub Ready for Summer!

Hot Tub Ready For Summer

As summer approaches, the allure of a leisurely dip in a hot tub becomes increasingly appealing. It’s not just about cooling off; it’s a perfect way to relax, unwind, and enjoy the long, balmy evenings. However, getting your hot tub ready for summer requires some preparation to ensure it’s safe, clean, and enjoyable. This guide will help you get your hot tub ready for summer.

Let’s Start with a Thorough Cleaning

The first step in getting your hot tub ready for summer is giving it a thorough cleaning. Over the off-season, it’s common for hot tubs to accumulate dust, debris, and even algae, depending on how well they were covered. Start by draining all the water from your hot tub and giving the interior a deep clean with a non-abrasive cleaner designed for spa use. Pay special attention to the jets and any nooks where dirt might collect.

Check and Balance the Water Chemistry

Before refilling your hot tub, ensure that your water chemistry is balanced. This is crucial not only for the longevity of your hot tub’s hardware but also for the health and safety of its users. Test the pH, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels, and adjust them as needed. Keeping the water chemistry balanced is essential for keeping your hot tub ready in summer, as it prevents issues such as scale buildup and inefficient sanitizing. You could also use the EZ3 Spa Kit from our shop..

Inspect and Replace Filters

Your hot tub’s filters play a vital role in keeping the water clean and clear. Before summer begins, inspect your filters for any wear or tear. Clean them thoroughly, or replace them if they show signs of significant use. Remember, clean filters are more efficient, which is especially important during the summer when the hot tub is likely to be used more frequently.

You Must Update or Repair Any Damaged Parts

Winter can be harsh on outdoor appliances, including your hot tub. Check for any damage or wear on the hot tub cover, shell, jets, and other components. Look for cracks, leaks, or any signs of malfunction. Ensuring everything is in working order is an essential step to get your hot tub ready in summer and can help avoid more significant problems down the road.

Set the Right Temperature

As the ambient temperature rises, you might want to adjust the water temperature in your hot tub. While hot tubs are typically set between 100°F and 102°F, during summer, a slightly cooler setting might be more refreshing. Experiment with what feels best as the weather changes, but avoid going below 98°F to maintain that therapeutic warmth.

Consider Safety Measures

With increased use during summer, it’s crucial to consider the safety of your hot tub. Ensure that the area around your hot tub is slip-resistant and well-lit, especially if you enjoy evening sessions. If you have children, proper supervision and safety protocols are even more critical.

Regular Maintenance

Once your hot tub is ready for summer, maintaining its condition is key. Regularly check the water chemistry, clean the filters, and inspect for any signs of wear. This proactive approach not only ensures your hot tub remains a safe and pleasant retreat but also extends its life and performance.

Now That’s What You Called Ready!

Getting your hot tub ready for summer is not just about maintenance; it’s about creating a delightful and safe environment for relaxation. By following these steps, you’ll ensure that your hot tub is an oasis of comfort in the heat of the summer. So go ahead, prepare your hot tub for summer, and get ready to soak up the benefits all season long!

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