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Billiard Felt

We carry high quality pool table felt made to last. For the typical home pool table we recommend Mali felt. For 8.5′ or 9′ tables or for the more competitive person who wants what the professionals play on, we suggest the Simonis Cloth. If you purchase a billiard table from us, you can have your pick of felt color and manufacturer. Already have a table and want to get it re-felted? We have you covered. In either case, contact us today to learn more! 


Mali Billiard Felt

Mali billiard cloth comes in multiple colors and offers you the best value for your money. 

Simonis Leisure Billiard Felt

The Simonis Pool Table Felt is the oldest and most experienced billiard cloth in the industry. Since 1680 the Iwan Simonis Company has produced cloth for pool, carom, pyramide and snooker for the whole world. Known for it’s accuracy and consistency which enhances the enjoyment of the game by allowing you to play your best. Simonis worsted wool is smooth to provide consistent speed, English and cushion rebound. Made with a tight weave to repell liquid spills and stains. Made tough enough for professionals and amateurs alike. Cover your investment with the best. Offered in many different colors fit your needs.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our felt options, contact us today to learn more!